Speed, Power, and Agility Training Facility. We work with athletes from eight years of age and up.

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Our Average Results over a three month time period coming two to three times a week are .40 seconds improvement in the Forty Yard Dash, four inches or more improvement in the Vertical Jump and .50 seconds improvement in the 5-10-5 Pro Agility Drill. This program works!

S.M.F.I. inc. was started by Russ Polhemus in 1981. S.M.F.I. was created to provide the very best training to any athlete who wanted it and to provide a safe and positive training environment. To this day we stand behind this goal and we here at S.M.F.I. are continually enhancing our programs to meet the demands of today's athletes. With our Integrated Specificity Training™ Program you will get results!!! Our view is that every one has a right to seek the very best training offered. With this view we accept athletes from ages 8 years and up. Our facility is located in Birmingham, AL. S.M.F.I offers individualized programs specifically designed for each athlete.

"Scientific Motivational State of the Art Training For the  Competitive Edge"

Programs are offered year round to improve speed, power, and agility. Substantial gains in strength, reduced risk of injury, arm speed, enhanced self-esteem, reduced body fat, and increased muscle mass are other benefits obtained from this program. A comprehensive evaluation, by appointment only, is conducted on all individuals entering our program. The Evaluation takes approximately 2 hours. Based on the results, an individually designed program is formulated to address each individual athlete's goals. The next three appointments are one on one, and are by appointment only, approximately 1 1/2 hours in length. Following sessions are at your convenience and have close personal supervision, motivational atmosphere, and constant evaluation of the progress and every time you run and jump we time and measure all tests. We have had literally hundreds of athletes who have received their training at S.M.F.I and have gone on to play well at the College and Professional Levels.

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Athletes that we have currently in our program and athletes that have been in our program in the past:

Cornelius Bennett, NFL Super Bowl
Aaron Bryant, NFL Super Bowl
Trace Armstrong, NFL Super Bowl
Ted Watts, NFL Super Bowl
Gabu Reveira, NFL Super Bowl
Maury Beaford, NFL Super Bowl
Richmond Flowers II, NFL Super Bowl
Jay Barker, NFL
Siran Stacy, NFL
Wes Britt, NFL
Paul Ott Carruth, NFL
Steve Raible, NFL
Jeff Parks, NFL
EC Gibbs
Richmond Flower III, NFL
Bill Flowers, NFL
Cos Dematio, AFL
Kevin Drake, NFL
Jhun Cook , AFL
Dan Dement,  MLB
Jeff Parks, NFL
Bill Skinner US, Champ
Susan Olcot AL- American Softball
BJ Green Baseball
Nathan Bland, MLB
Gray Raryroth, MLB
Jennifer Reach, AL-American Softball
Will Smith, Olympian
Harvey Glanes, Olympian
Shane Brazzar,MLB 
Nathon Blean MLB
Clair McClendon, Pro Softball
Brody Croyle , NFL
Reagan Croyle
This is some of the Pro Athletes we have worked with but not all.