Coach David Polhemus

Coach David Polhemus is the Director of Neuromuscular Therapy. Coach David Polhemus LMT, NMT is Nationally Certified in Clinical Massage Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy. He practices Orthopedic and Sports Massage Therapy for Performance and Recovery. He is licensed through the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and is Nationally Certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. He is a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association and adheres to their code of ethics and standards of practice.

Coach David Polhemus vast experience in the field of sports training, conditioning, and flexibility. Coach David was a Varsity Soccer and Track and Field Athlete. He was positioned as a defender in soccer and threw the discus, shot-putt, and javelin in track and field. In weight lifting he Bench Pressed 400 lbs at a body weight of around 175 lbs. He also served in the United States Military. He has worked as a professional staff member at S.M.F.I. for over fifteen years. Coach David independently and through S.M.F.I. has studied and researched extensively on the benefits of Massage Therapy, Clinical Flexibility, Therapeutic Exercise, Somatic (Mind/Body Connection), and Breath Work to increase performance and optimum functioning of the athlete. Coach David with the assistance of Coach Todd designed a Core Training Routine used by the S.M.F.I. athletes.

Coach David assesses injuries and designs injury prevention programs for the S.M.F.I. athletes. Coach David was required to study United States, Russian, and other European literature and information research in Plyometrics, Speed, Power, Agility, and Strength Training for years on a daily basis as part of Coach Russ Polhemus and the S.M.F.I. Certification Process that takes five or more years to complete.