Coach Russ Polhemus

Mr. Polhemus is the owner and director of Sports Medicine & Fitness Institute, the first evaluation and personalized prescription exercise facility in the Southeast. As a coach and athlete, he has won two state championships, nine conference championships (four SEC championships) and assisted in one national championship in track and field. He is a graduate of East Texas State University with a B.S. and M.S. degrees in the field of Health, Physical Education, and Psychology. He has coached and taught at the college level in track and field and strength and conditioning at Georgia Tech, University of Tennessee, and Texas Tech. During his coaching and training career, he has trained hundreds of national, international, college, and Olympic athletes not to mention thousands of adults and youth.

R.W. Polhemus 41 Years of Professional Coaching Coach Polhemus is one of the founding members of the N.S.C.A. and contributed advice and research information in the first editions of the N.S.C.A. Journal and Certification. Coach Polhemus is one of the founding fathers of Plyometrics in the U.S.A. and developed specific parameters for plyometric use and safety. He is used as a reference in the most advanced plyometric books and N.S.C.A. certification book. He has for years studied and consulted with German, Russian, Soviet, and European coaches and trainers including the former President of the Soviet Sprint Council.

He started weight training in December of 1955 and has written literally 100’s of articles and numerous research studies and has written a book “ Power for all Seasons” (unpublished at this time). He was asked to become the first Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 1971. He has been on Radio and T.V. often and at one time had a fitness T.V. show and Radio show. He has Coached several world champions, Olympians, Olympic Champions in Sprinting, Jumping, Throwing, Weight Lifting, and coached numerous famous Pro. Football players including eight of which went to the Superbowl. At Georgia Institute of Technology he designed curriculum for the Physical Education Dept. This was for two advanced strength and conditioning classes for students and faculty.

He is the inventor of the Patented Computerized Robotic Exercise and Rehabilitation Machine. This machine does Eccentric, Concentric, Isometric Strength and Speed Training called R.E.M. The most current advanced exercise machine equipment uses this concept of strength potential curve which was patented in 1981. The machine is under development with a well known company. Coach Polhemus has consulted with many Businesses, Companies, and Hospitals including the giant corporation Wilson Sporting Goods.