Combine Prep Academy

Class #101

Cost: $149.00

What is it? Our new combine Prep Academy will be the best way to get ready for your future combine's and camps. Not only will you go through one combine, but then we will teach you how do to do each drill better. This format is set up to come 3 days. The first day, they'll go through a normal combine testing, and the next two days we will break down each event and go over what to do and not to do in each event to have better results. We will also discuss how to talk and communicate to scouts and coaches and go over the recruiting process. There will also be an evaluation at the end that grades out the athlete and what they excel at and what they can improve in. Don't make the same mistakes as every other athlete, come get prepared to get taught so you can be noticed in the pack, not just go through it.

Class # 201

Cost: $595.00

What is it? This new program will allow an athlete to work out and have his ultimate results ready for future combines and camps. This program will allow him to work out twice a week, and each time he comes in to work out, we'll be doing mini combine events as well as working out and getting him ready physically to get to the next level. Training will include video analysis, a specific weight training program to his needs/goals, direct training with our staff, plyometric training, fundamental instruction and more. Our average results on this program are .28 off his 40, standing jump increase of 7 inches, vertical jump increase of 2 inches, pro agility drill .30 tenths and more! This training will last 2 months, having 2 work outs a week at a time based on your schedule.

Class 301

Cost: $795.00

What is it? This updated new training program is set for the athlete that wants to perform exceptional at combines, as well as be in the best shape possible for the upcoming season. This class offers everything the 201 program does and increases the training time to 3 days a week for 3 full months. Our average results in this training program consists of (in a 3 month time span) .38 tenths off their 40, 4 inches in their VJ, 10 inches in the standing jump, and .40 in the pro agility 5-10-5. This program is custom made for the athlete to shine and get the most out of their God given talents. This program is not only to show coaches in a combine what you can do, but transform you to a dynamic athlete on the football field.

Combine Hall of Fame Results Hosted at Sports Medicine and Fitness Institute

  • 40yrd dash - 4.30
  • Pro Agility Drill - 4.09
  • Standing Jump - 10'10
  • +
  • Vertical Jump - 38.5
  • L-Cone Drill - 6.78

All testing was validated, documented and video recorded for authenticity. More Info on upcoming combines coming soon. Come be a part of one of the best combines anywhere!