Individualized Taylor Made Customized Designed Athletic Training
Integrated Specificity Training™ Program

This training system is exclusive to Sports Medicine and Fitness Institute, Inc. virtually ANY SPORT can be enhanced by this system. The evaluation, 2 hours in length, is used to develop a customized program to meet the individual needs and goals. Precise evaluations are done on strength, speed, agility, flexibility, neuro-motor skills, Bio-Mechanical Digital Video Analysis etc.  Three privately tutored sessions, motivational counseling, and goal setting are included. In the Evaluation.

We design our individualized programs for:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Conditioning
  • Neuro-motor skill development
  • Arm and Bat speed

See how you can improve in just a three month period:

  • Over .4 seconds improvement in the 40 yard dash
  • Over 11" improvement in the standing jump
  • Over .5 seconds in the NFL 5-10-5 lateral speed agility test
  • Over 4" improvement in the vertical jump

Pricing Information:

  • Evaluation Month - $349.00
  • Evaluations will be typically done on Mondays and Tuesdays; however, special times will be provided for other days of the week as well. The evaluation will take approximately two hours and is done by appointment only. The first three appointments following the evaluation are done on a one-to-one basis, and also require an appointment. These workouts will take approximately an hour and a half. Evaluation cost must be paid via check.
  • After the evaluation and three one on one appointments, you can come at your convenience for three additional times that month.
  • Full Time:  This is designed for someone to come in two to three days a week, and is recommended to see the best results in the shortest amount of time. 
  • Full Time Monthly charges: $164.00
  • Part Time: Members would come in up to five times that month. Ideally suited for athletes who live out of town or who are currently in their sport season.
  • Part Time Monthly charges: $117.00
  • Monthly dues are paid by bank draft.
  • Cancellation Notice: No longer term contract, we have a minimum contract of 60 days written notice of cancellation.

Team/Group Speed Camp

This Training is offered as Team or Group Sessions. It is a Camp Setting which is done at a set day and time for the team or group. Emphasis is placed more on Speed, Agility and Bio-Mechanical Training. The times can be organized based on how many athletes there are and what is convenient for the team and S.M.F.I. It will be a one to two day a week format and approximately one and a half hours in length. Coaches and Parents Please call Coach Todd Polhemus or Coach David Polhemus to help explain further and organize a Speed and Power Camp. This camp works!!!

The training is set up to help improve Speed, Agility, Reaction Times and Bio-Mechanics. The emphasis is set on what the coaches or players wants to work on. The camp is set up to meet the needs of the team at that point and time. It is a fun camp that is focused on getting great results. All training is done at our facility; this will give the athletes the proper training environment to see the best results. We can help your Team and Players!!!

Super Long Distance Training Program

Our super long distance program is designed to accommodate individuals/teams that cannot participate in our facility more than once a week. The program is designed to have hands-on guidance and direction on the best program specifically for that individual/team. This allows SMFI to reach all across the southeast and still hold on to the validity and results of our program.

The first thing that needs to be done is to set up an evaluation, 2 hours in length. This is used to develop a customized program to meet the individual/teams needs and goals. Precise evaluations are done on strength, speed, agility, flexibility, neuro-motor skills, Bio-Mechanical Digital Video Analysis etc. The program is then designed based on 1) the facilities available 2) the individual/team goals 3) the individual/team needs. This is followed by a 1 on 1 session with one of our trained staff.

The program is maintained through close supervision by way of 1) unlimited emails 2) weekly scheduled phone consultation 3) personal online account. Emails will be available on all working days and hours, and weekly scheduled phone consultations will be held through appointment only. Our personal online account includes a username and password that will allow an individual to get access to their program. This account will have the ability to send/receive video and also receive updates and changes to their program. Once a month the individual/team will schedule a 1 on 1 session to maintain their program.

This program will allow an individual not to be physically present in our facility at all times and still receive our amazing results. This program can work for you!

For more detailed information on this program please give us a call at 205-979-6100.