This summer will be SMFI's 35th annual Youth Speed Camp!

Age: This camp is for the ages from 8-12, with some exceptions.
When: The Camp officially starts June 6th and runs until August 3rd. Camps are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30AM to 12:00PM.
How: To enroll in our camp, you will need to have done an evaluation done before the camp begins, by appointment only. The evaluation consists of getting a baseline of your child, speed, strength, flexibility, reaction times, as well as getting their goals. Based on their evaluation and their goals and what we see; we devise a workout specifically to address their needs throughout the summer. This is exactly how we get the results we do year after year.
Why: This camp is a great camp for kids that want to get better physically, both in speed and agility. The kids end up having a fun time getting to know everyone and working hard and feeling better about themselves. Besides working out and running, they also enjoy playful activities every day at camp, whether it is basketball, dodge ball, whiffle ball and others. Let your kid be able to enjoy a playful, healthy, and constructive summer that will help them not only get faster, have fun, but be able to feel better about themselves. We have a maximum of 40 spots for this particular camp, so please call today to solidify your place. To save your spot their is a 75$ deposit, nonrefundable.
Cost: Cost for the evaluation, and the entire summer camp is only 595.00


This is by far our most popular and highest demand camp, but is only by invitation only. Only for the most serious athletes, for explosive gains for the ultimate program, this is it! To be enrolled in this camp, it is by invitation only, if you feel this camp will benefit you, you can apply and must be approved by President Todd Polhemus.

Advanced Super Speed and Conditioning Camp for dedicated Football Players and Serous athletes in all sports wanting the ultimate training experience. Ages 14yrs. and up The Sports Medicine and Fitness Institute introduces the new generation in football speed, agility, and conditioning camp. If you are interested in developing and enhancing your performance as a football player/athlete throughout the course of the summer this is the camp for you. This camp is designed by Coach Todd Polhemus and Staff to deliver to you, the serious football / athlete in all other sports, the necessary training to be the Best Player you can be. The focus of the camp will be on Reaction Times, Footwork, Running, Sprinting, Agility, Conditioning, Hand Speed, Video Analyses, Throwing, Cone Drills, etc. done through our training techniques. Our camp is on a nine week progressive format, broken down into 2 semesters. The evaluation for this program will take approximately two hours and is done by appointment only. The first two appointments following the evaluation are done on a one-to-one basis, and also require an appointment.

You will not have better results anywhere, get ready to change the way you look on the field to a more explosive, powerful athlete. Be ready to put the work in, and make an evident impact on the field.

Camp Breakdown:
June 5th - August 4th
For entire summer: $745.00 / Member $350.00
Camp Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:30-6:30P.M.
Sign up by May 12th save $100.00 for non-members

NEW: Part Time Camp Members: For those out of town or busy, our part time camp provides a training program to join this camp once a week. Contact Todd Polhemus for details.

Camp is limited to 25 participants all must be approved by Russ Polhemus The evaluation and two one-on-one must be done by June 4th.

There is a $200.00 non-refundable deposit, per athlete, total fee payable before camp starts. Sigh up by May 19th. (205) 979-6100 Training Program limited to 20 athletes.